• SEKRI, Inc. was established in Corbin, Kentucky in 1971 for the purpose of serving people with mental and physical disabilities.
  • At that time, there were virtually no employment opportunities in Southeast Kentucky for people with significant disabilities.
  • Various government agencies and school systems began referring individuals with disabilities to SEKRI to learn basic work skills.
  • SEKRI started creating jobs through the Javits-Wagner-O’Day Program (JWOD) in 1984. This program, renamed the AbilityOne Program in 2007, coordinates government purchases of products and services provided by non-profit agencies whose workforce is comprised of a minimum of 75% disabled individuals.
  • In 1993 SEKRI moved into a new 30,000 square foot facility where the organization began to produce sewn products for the US Military. By 1996 SEKRI’s manufacturing operations for military apparel had grown to $1.8 million in annual sales.
  • Additional facilities were added as the company grew and continued to reach out to serve the disabled populations in other communities. Today SEKRI operates five different facilities and employs approximately 550 individuals throughout the region.
  • In 2011 the organization entered into a working relationship with Lockheed Martin whereby SEKRI purchased various types of shipping and packaging supplies for Lockheed and warehoused these items until they were needed by the customer. This vendor managed inventory allowed SEKRI to process – and deliver –orders to Lockheed in as little as two hours.
    • Due to the success of this program, SEKRI received Lockheed Martin’s Platinum Vendor Supplier Rating.
    • As a result of their performance, SEKRI is now moving into supplying other types of products to Lockheed including specialized equipment, tools, lubricants, and materials used to create wiring harnesses for helicopters.
    In 2013 SEKRI expanded into the preparation and provision of offsite Training Range facilities.  In this program, SEKRI sends a team of workers to these sites and performs preparation, construction, and wrapping with site specific vinyl wrap to simulate various types of buildings and facilities for soldier training purposes.