Operation Warm – Children’s Coats


SEKRI has formed a business relationship with non-profit organization Operation Warm. Founded in 1998, Operation Warm produces coats for children in need across the United States. For the past three years, they have manufactured coats both overseas and in U.S. manufacturing companies. The partnership between SEKRI and Operation Warm was launched in March 2016.

Operation Warm began when its founder, Dick Sanford, saw a need for warm coats for at-risk children in his community. Brand new coats are produced for the children instead of supplying them with gently used coats, ensuring that each child will take pride in owning their own coat. The winter coats promote education, wellness, and positive social change. Bright colors and durability are a top priority so that they would not only be long lasting for the children, but colorful and fun as well.

SEKRI employees are thrilled to be part of the Operation Warm production team and their mission. For more information and to contact the organization about sponsorship, visit OperationWarm.org/Partnerships