LVC Training Facility Construction

Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitation Industries, Inc. (SEKRI) provides contract or full life-cycle support in LVC (Live, Virtual, Constructive) Training Facility design and construction.
Our dedicated contract managers work with you to tailor
the right package to meet your LVC Training Facility needs. We are
positioned to be a cost-effective extension of your company,
delivering a high quality product.
Quality Assurance
Our history of maintaining high levels of quality standards
working with military and automotive systems will ensure we
will meet your quality standards.
In addition, SEKRI Industries is an ISO certified and registered company. Our
quality system enables us to track key metrics to monitor quality, productivity,
and results for our customers. We operate on tight statistical process control
throughout all our processes.
Proudly Made in the USA!
SEKRI’s products are made in the USA with a disabled veteran workforce. In addition, we have a proven track record working with all branches of the military. We strongly believe in
keeping America working and have a manufacturing base that stands behind our philosophy.
Product Capabilities
SEKRI has production capabilities for both small and large jobs.
• Certified Electricians
• Experienced Carpenters
• Skilled Painters
• Skilled Welders
• Vinyl Wrapping
• Both Interior and Exterior Construction