Contract Packaging & Fulfillment

SEKRI has worked with many companies throughout the region in its quest to broaden its scope of work. We have gained valuable experience working with companies in the areas of automotive part assembly, acoustics, sorting, relabeling, sourcing, warehousing, and packaging.

Our dedicated contract managers work with you to tailor the right package to meet your manufacturing/outsourcing needs. We are positioned to be a cost-effective extension of your company, delivering quality products with the responsiveness you--and your customers--require.

Through experience gained in the Vendor Managed Inventory Program with Lockheed Martin, SEKRI established a computerized inventory solution to help us monitor the items we have warehoused for Lockheed. This same type of program will be expanded and applied to track the needs, usage, and stock levels for the procurement, integration, and distribution portions of the inventory needed to support the Contract Management Services.

SEKRI is an authorized Manufacturing and Development (M&D) producer for Source America and has participated in numerous M&D opportunities.

In addition, SEKRI has worked successfully with customers on several different types of M&D projects including:

  • –Sewing
  • –Kitting and Assembly
  • –Research and Development
  • –Automotive Manufacturing
  • –Fulfillment and Packaging
  • –Logistics and Delivery
  • –Project Management
  • –Design, Construction and Installation