Employee Spotlight DC

Congratulations to Joretta Lawson for being chosen as the employee of the quarter at the DC Corbin facility.  Joretta has been with the company since May 2005 and at the DC facility since April 2015.  Joretta worked at Lion Apparel for 10 years before coming to SEKRI.  

Joretta says she is thankful to God for having a job where she likes her co-workers  and they all work as a team.  Bryan Brown, Plant Manager says that; "back in the winter when it was snowing Joretta had to walk one-half a mile every morning to catch a ride to work and then she had to walk one-half mile back home every evening.  Joretta was not available to answer questions about being in the employee spotlight because she would be a bundle behind in her production for the day.  

Janice Fields,  supervisor says; "Joretta is willing to help out anywhere she is needed to make sure the delivery of the product gets to the SEKRI customer on time.  Joretta always worries about the quality of her garments and wants to make sure she is producing good quality work. " 

From All of Us at the DC Corbin Facility Congratulations Joretta on your hard work and being a dependable employee.