Employee Spotlight – Cumberland Facility

Cheryl Sullivan

The Cumberland plant would like to recognize Cheryl Sullivan as employee of the quarter.  Cheryl is 65 and moved from Indiana to Kentucky a year ago.  She retired with almost 25 years’ experience in commercial sewing.   Retirement was a bit of a bore for the Hoosier who everyone refers loving as “granny.”  It was a blessing that she came to SEKRI in April of this year when the new tent line started.  “I was the third person to start on the line,” she said.

Her supervisor, Kathy Burke reports, “She can do 4 to 5 different operations; and she doesn’t mind to move to different jobs or do whatever she can to help.  She has a great attitude and is so sweet, that is why we call her granny.”  Kathy also commended her punctuality and great attendance.

Cheryl “granny,” said she loves Kentucky, “Every day when I see the mountains I think it is amazing.  I love the woods and even love the bears; except when they get into the trash.”  Cheryl lives in chronic pain due to degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, and arthritis.  She was retired but she wanted to return to work despite her pain.  She believes that, “sitting at home makes things worse.”  She enjoys her job and her coworkers.  She reports that her quality is very important to her.   She appreciates SEKRI supervisors for being patient and understanding and SEKRI appreciates her hard work and glad that she is now a part of the Cumberland team.  Thank you granny!