Employee Spotlight – Paris Facility

Congratulations Shenell Anderson  

Employee of the Quarter December 2016

Shenell has been working at SEKRI since October 2015.   Shenell works in the Bandi Line.  She is actively involved in helping her team reach their daily and weekly goals.  Shenell's seven year old daughter; Raylea motivates her to come to work every day.  Shenell says being employee of the quarter is a big achievement for her; she loves her job, all the employees and appreciates SEKRI allowing her to have a second chance in life.  

Connie Hinton, supervisor; "says she is trustworthy, reliable and does anything she is asked to do."  Lisa McLean, plant manager said; "Shenell is always willing to help out where we need her.  She is dedicated to making sure we accomplish on time delivery of a quality garment to our Bandi customer."

We at SEKRI Paris want to say congratulations to Shenell for being our employee of the quarter.