Employee Spotlight – Paris Facility

Our Employee of the Quarter is Ronnie Curtis

Ronnie knows that being given “Employee of the Quarter” is a big accomplishment for him.  Ronnie has overcome a multitude of struggles like many employees at SEKRI.  The difference now is he has confidence in himself.  Ronnie worked here in April of 2007 to February of 2010.   Ronnie came back to work here July 29, 2015 to the present.  Ronnie has worked here for 2 years and has been a reliable, hardworking employee. 

When asked how he feels about being “Employee of the Quarter,” Ronnie said;” I’m happy.  I know I do good job when I fix a sewing machine and I am asked to work on another sewing machine. But it’s nice to hear it from my supervisor, plant manager and other employees.  Ronnie started out in July 2015 on the BWI line doing snaps and shipping.  Ronnie was promoted to the maintenance department in November 2015 and was promoted to mechanic in January 2016.   He works wherever Lisa McLean, Plant manager needs him and has developed a wide range of skills.  He also worked in shipping, laying up fabric when there big orders and any other duties assigned.  Ronnie said he likes his job because he does something different every day.  He doesn’t get bored.  Ronnie says he rarely misses a day of work; the most he missed work was when his baby was born. 

Lisa McLean, Plant Manager said; “Super proud of Ronnie and his accomplishments!  He can be successful at many things if he stays on the path he is currently on.”

Robin Jefferson, supervisor; “Ronnie has worked with him almost 2 years.  Ronnie is willing to work long hours and does whatever he is asked to do.” 

We at SEKRI Paris are very proud and happy that Ronnie has been awarded “Employee of the Quarter.” Congratulations Ronnie Curtis!