Employee Spotlight – Paris Facility

Our Employee of the Quarter is William "Bill" Gasser


William “Bill” Gasser was pleasantly surprised to be nominated for employee of the quarter.  Bill said; I just do my job.  Bill previously worked in a part-time position at the Veteran’s Affairs Administration. Bill worked part time because he was helping take of care his mom who was very sick. Bill said; he did not want her to be put into a nursing home. Bill said his mother passed away two years later.  He found out his job would end soon at the Veteran’s Affairs Administration. Bill was ready for a full time position. He said he went through the Veteran’s Affairs Administration to interview here at SEKRI for a job position.  Bill has been working at SEKRI since July 19, 2011. 

Bill started out as an inspector in the hoods department, free t-shirts and free boxer line.  Bill has also worked in the warehouse stocking and pulling inventory of products to be sent out to various customers.  Bill is trained to drive the forklift and helps with loading and unloading trucks in the shipping and receiving department. 

 Lisa McLean, plant manager says “Bill is always willing to tackle any new assignment we give him. He is also happy to fill in when someone is absent to help balance production. Bill has been a very dependable employee for seven years now and a huge asset to the Paris Plant.”

 Connie Hinton, his supervisor states “Bill is very dependable and always strives do a good job no matter what we ask him to do.  He goes above and beyond to make sure he is doing his job correctly.”

We at SEKRI Paris Facility say; Congratulations! William “Bill” Gasser for being our Employee of the Quarter.