Employee Spotlight – Paris Facility

Our Employee of the Quarter at the Paris Facility

"Congratulations to Dustin Kiskaden"

Dustin has worked at the Paris Facility since May 2nd of 2017 and became a part of the SEKRI family.  Dustin is always smiling and has a positive attitude.  Barbara his supervisor; says he is dependable, a team player, good worker and does whatever is he is asked to do.  Dustin helps where he is needed to guarantee product delivery is completed in a timely manner to the SEKRI customer.  Dustin works in the IFAK Cat Pouch line; his first job was trim and inspect, now he works as a stamper and a packer of the IFAK Cat Pouch line made for the military. 

Dustin said; I had a goal when I started to work here, to make more money to spend on my truck and pay off my loan.  I'm still paying on my truck.  Dustin says he is working towards the assistant plan manager job after Connie Hinton retires. He said; I would like one day to be the plant manger after Lisa McLean retires.  He was smiling when he said that too!

"Congratulations Dustin! We are so proud of your accomplishments!