Employee Spotlight – Pineville Facility

The Pineville plant would like to recognize Paulette Asher as our employee of the quarter.  Paulette has been an integral part of the rainfly’s budding success after a bumpy start.  “Paulette has wonderful attendance.  She is willing to jump in and help where ever she is needed.  She pushes herself to put out a good product.  She is one of the first employees who achieved a successful productivity rating on the rainfly.  She is a dependable employee that you can count on to get the job done to the best of her abilities, states plant manager, Darlene Parton.  Supervisor, Michael Sturgill, describes Paulette as having great attendance and as a reliable and enthusiastic employee.

Paulette is an employee that takes pride in the work she is performing.  She understands how her work helps enable the success of the plant and the company.  Paulette also sees the importance and contribution that SEKRI makes in our communities.  She said, “This makes me feel important.  I used to see the place in Corbin and wondered, “What is that company?” I never realized I would be working for that company one day.   I would have never thought they would hire someone like me and see value in me.”  Paulette was in the food service work force in her youth and after she had her daughter she left the work force for over 27 years.  As circumstances would have it, she had to unexpectedly look for employment and was discouraged at her limited opportunities, with little work experience and not possessing an education she did not feel like she was the type of employee that most employers were looking for.  She appreciates the chance she has received at SEKRI.  She is happy that she is being trained to have a skill and to receive the accommodations to help her be successful at her job. “I love what I do.  I want to come here.  I feel good about being here.”  She also appreciates her supervisor, “I love him.  He is very calm person.”  In addition,” I am grateful for the plant managers, willingness to help.  She pays attention and addresses what needs attention.  She doesn’t put things off.”  Paulette has these parting words for anyone looking for a job, “If you need a job and a place to help you be successful at that job this is the place.”  Thank you Paulette for your hard work and dedication!