Employee Spotlight – Pineville Facility

Coleby Grandey has been selected employee of the third quarter.  He works at the Pineville plant.  Coleby is 34 years old and resides in Middlesboro.  His primary job is top stitching on the rainfly. However, he is trained to perform many operations and he is pleasantly willing to help out on any job.

Darlene Parton, plant manager, appreciates that Coleby has perfect attendance and he is always on time.  He is a dependable employee with a positive attitude.  His supervisor, Michael Sturgill, describes him as helpful, contentious, compliant, and gets along well with others.  Coleby’s co-workers consider him as one of the nicest guys around, who is always friendly and helpful.

Coleby has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome or what is also known as high function autism.  He appreciates SEKRI’s respectful environment,  friendly supervisors and co-workers.  In his spare time Coleby is a gamer and a technology wizard who enjoys computer work.  SEKRI appreciates that Coleby always puts forth his best effort and his cheerful personality.