Community Rehabilitation Referral Sources


SEKRI works directly with several organizations to provide referrals for job positions, Assistive Technology, Psychological/Vocational / Learning Disability Evaluations, Resources for employees, Transportation:



Community and Employment Opportunities (CEO)- makes referrals for candidates for employment at SEKRI, provides transportation to SEKRI for employees with disabilities.

Physicians - SEKRI rehabilitation counselors work with the local physicians to ensure our associates have support and services needed to support their employment. Often SEKRI counselor assist our employee's with establishing appropriate medical care and appointments.

Food Stamp Office - make referrals for jobs at SEKRI

Goodwill Industries organization - refers applicants for jobs at SEKRI

18th Judicial Drug Court - SEKRI works with program supervisors of the drug court to help employees to remain alcohol and drug free. Rehabilitation staff keeps in contact with the supervisors and case workers of employees who are mandated to attend drug court. SEKRI is a drug and alcohol free facility. All New employees are required to adhere to random drug testing.

Office of the Blind -An assistive technologist will come to SEKRI to provide, and make recommendations for assistive technology to assist our employees who are blind. Tools such as magnifying glass with arm extension to make it easier to thread a needle, magnifying screens for associates to check quality, develop appropriate signage to microwaves so our blind employees can independently prepare their lunch. Office of the Blind also helps make referrals for eye doctor's screenings, and help to pay for needed eye glasses.

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation - refers applicants for jobs at SEKRI, helps with transportation to the psychological/vocational/Learning disability evaluation appointment. Kentucky Career Center - provides needed accommodations for employees with disabilities; work station, chair adjustments, suggestions and any reasonable accommodation to help the employee be successful on the job.

Recovery Programs/ Therapists/Counselors - SEKRI rehabilitation counselors make referrals for therapy for employees who request help or are required to enroll in therapy after a positive drug screening.

Veteran's Affairs Department - makes referrals of veteran's for jobs at SEKRI. SEKRI provides a van for transportation for veteran's to come to work. Rehabilitation counselors provide on the job support for veterans.