Onsite GED & Adult Education

Elias Cruz Jr. (ByPass) worked with Ken Harp and successfully studied and prepared to pass his R.O.T.C. exam.  Great work Elias.

Ronnie Branson (Cumberland) - is preparing to take his GED test.  Ken Harp, GED instructor for SEKRI, teaches the Cumberland employees via SKYPE.

Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitations Industries encourages lifelong learning and seeks to provide increased opportunities for continued education for SEKRI employees. We are committed to providing additional resources and links to valuable information to assist individuals with goals including earning a degree, earning a GED, improving literacy and comprehension skills.   The Adult Learning program provides one on one tutoring for our employees in addition to classes in a variety of subjects. Classes include:

  • GED
  • English
  • Math
  • Financial literacy
  • Employment
  • Self-management skills
  • Basic computer skills

Lori Hunt studying hard at the Paris facility.  Paris employees are instructed by Ken Harp via SKYPE each day for 30 minutes.

Ms. Patricia Davis (Distribution Center) working with Mr. Harp on her GED preparation.