Outplacement Candidates

Joseph "Garrett" Corrigan

Paris Facility

Garrett has been working at SEKRI since January 23, 2013.  According to Lisa McLean, plant manager, Garrett has come a long way since his first day of work at SEKRI.  Garrett was so shy that his supervisor had difficulty getting him to have eye contact with her.   So every day Lisa McLean, plant manager would go by his work station to get his attention, so he would look up.   Garrett had several rehabilitation interventions to help him calm him down so that he could finish his work during the first year.  During Garrett's time here at SEKRI he has learned several different jobs.  He worked in labeling, was a sewing machine operator, and inspected garments.  Garrett is more confident in himself and the work that he does.  Garrett has a smile on his face when you see him now.  Garrett said; "while working at SEKRI I have gained more confidence and I am going to miss the people here."

Garrett moved on to a new job on January 26, with Alltech in Lexington.   Garrett will be a good candidate for competitive employment now with more experience in work skills and he will be making more money.  We are so proud of Garrett and his accomplishments while here at SEKRI Paris and wish him the very best in his new job.  Garrett will be greatly missed.